Quexcel stands for “Centre of Qualified Expertise for Software Licensing”. You benefit from the power of qualified knowledge:

  • Rationally qualified through certification
  • Recognized specialist through strategic consulting function within Microsoft, the largest technology concern in the world
  • We stand for righteousness and transparency, involvement together with you as IT company


When you select Quexcel, you have the guarantee that you are getting a genuine partner on your side. Quexcel, The Power of Knowledge!

All the Quexcel services are also available for IT companies. It does not matter whether you are a Software Asset Management service provider, software distributor, software reseller or a License Solution Provider. It is possible that you do not possess the right in-depth (international) knowledge about software licenses. Perhaps you do possess the knowledge, but have a temporary deficiency. Maybe you lack the right contacts with software manufacturers at the strategic level. Regardless of the reason, there is always a good reason to select the qualified specialists of Quexcel.

All the employees and partners of Quexcel work under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) established specially for you and your customer. This NDA is an internationally recognized “duty of confidentiality” which gives you the guarantee that your customer’s sensitive company information does not end up with third parties. In addition, it guarantees you that we never employ the information we know for our own advantage. That is not how we work, but we put it in writing for your assurance.

An overview of the services available is located here. If you require other support, such as interim license management, then contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Looking for a qualified partner in software licensing?