More often we see young professionals as (co)decision-makers in crucial positions at your customers’ businesses. This generation of Y and Z professionals grew up with digital media. They maintain their business network using the same channels they became familiar with when they were in college. It is their source of information and verification. For that reason alone, you cannot afford to ignore social media in your marketing. Not having a presence on social media is a huge missed opportunity, even in business-to-business relationships. What is the best approach?

Rely on marketing specialists at Quexcel Marketing Services who have extensive experience in the IT industry to turn your social media presence into a success. This is what we do:

  • Research the types of social media channels your target group uses
  • Set up a social media strategy that aligns with your marketing goals
  • Set up social media channels
  • Set up a content strategy for your social media
  • Integration of social media channels with other marketing channels
  • Subscription for maintenance of social media content and webcare


In conclusion, it is all about strategy, content and maintenance. Do you want to know how we can turn social media into your success story? Talk to one of our marketing specialists at Quexcel.

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