Quexcel Marketing Services has its own marketing professionals, experienced and specialized in the IT industry. They are available to help you on a temporary basis, as interim specialists, or as hires for specific projects.

You can rely on temporary Quexcel professionals for the following:

  • Substitution in case of illness, pregnancy, or other long-term absence of your staff
  • Additional support in case of temporary lack of capacity for projects
  • Campaign support
  • Part-time marketing management
  • Occasional hires for marketing management, strategy determination, determining propositions, or content creation
  • Infuse specific (IT) technology expertise into your marketing department


Regardless of the position for which you are considering hiring experienced Quexcel Marketing Services specialists, you should know that our people adjust quickly to any new environment. They build on extensive experience and quickly, effectively, and enthusiastically go to work for the success of your business. It should come as no surprise that our temporary professionals are often considered as their own staff by our customers. We think that says it all.

Do you need enthusiastic temporary marketing support? Meet with Quexcel Marketing Services specialists today.

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