Quexcel Marketing Services has its own desktop publishers who are ready to support your marketing. The advantage for you is that these DTP specialists have a great deal of experience in the IT field and understand what appeals to your target group. We offer these DTP services:

  • Design or redesign of your house style
  • Graphic design of logo or brand
  • Design and build infographics and visuals for campaigns
  • Photo editing
  • Design and formatting of postal and digital mailings
  • Design and formatting of email communication


Our designers are excited about graphic challenges for technology companies. They will achieve the most effective, communicative and beautiful graphic solutions for you. You should know that our DTP specialists are tried and tested, and know everything about print and digital color application, output formats, and formatting pitfalls.

Present us with a graphic challenge and Quexcel Marketing Services will respond with the perfect visual. Call us today for an appointment.

Are you looking for marketing support for a technology company?