Adjust your marketing approach to be successful in this era of digital transformation. The first step is to determine an effective strategy. What is the best strategy? Which customers are you focusing on? How will you determine the strategy, according to which process? Experienced specialists can help you. Quexcel Marketing Services offers workshops at which we will work together with stakeholders from your organization to answer the following questions:

  • What is the exact identity of your company?
  • Why do customers buy from you, rather than from the competition?
  • What does your market look like, who are potential customers, and who are their stakeholders?
  • What does the buying cycle of your customer look like?
  • Which online platforms do your customers’ decision-makers and influencers use?
  • What is your key message?
  • How do you guarantee that the strategy you choose is consistent and ongoing?
  • How will you change the thinking patterns, operations, finances and marketing of your solutions from “project based” to “subscription based”?


These are fundamental issues. In the course of this one-day workshop, we will work together in discussing and answering many more questions and scenarios. Together we will peel the layers of the onion of your business until we reach its core. From there, we build a strategy. The workshop results in a clear and pragmatic applied strategy. A strategy with which you can make a difference in this age of digital transformation. This includes a new positioning statement: your view of the world and the position you want to have in the brain of your customers as they face the competition. A truly differentiating and remarkable ability.

A strategy workshop by Quexcel Marketing Services is an excellent starting point for your journey towards digital marketing. Do you want more information, or to book a workshop? Please contact our specialists in digital transformation.

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