Propositions result from the strategy you chose. A proposition is a presentation of your solution which will take worry or hurt away from your customer, or offer specific added value for your customer. A good proposition is based on personas, standardized fictional people who represent your customer’s stakeholders. Personas help you put together an image of your customer, your customer’s employees, and their specific wishes regarding technology.

Your proposition is never the provision of a service or product, but the solution to a problem, or an offer of added value. As Jos Burgers wrote in his book Gek op Gaten (I Love Holes) in 2012: Customers don’t want a drilling machine, they want holes in the wall.

In determining and writing propositions, the best results are achieved when you have assistance from an experienced specialist in digital transformation. Quexcel Marketing Services is that specialist. We can help by providing one or more workshops, one-on-one sessions, and roundtable discussions with your employees in marketing, sales, operations, finances, and executives. These employees are all stakeholders in the proposition chosen. Are you ready to get started? Make your appointment for an introductory session today.

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