When strategy and propositions are known, the next step is the design of your modern marketing. To do this, we inspect the modern purchasing process used by your customer to find out when and where decision-makers require specific information. Based on a targeting matrix, we work together to decide which information should be where, and when. Depending on media channels and message, we create images and text that are spot on. A few aspects we include when designing your digital marketing plan are:

  • Strategy and proposition are transformed into image and text
  • Build digital channels that communicate effectively (website, social media, blog, infographics, video)
  • Set up theme-oriented campaigns, including design
  • Use target groups to test design
  • Secure the design for your marketing (department)


The design of a digital marketing is much more than just beautiful advertising. In fact, advertisements barely come into the picture. Everything revolves around your ability to take the message to the right person at the right time. Design involves selection of channels, media, digital visibility, digital expertise, and your propositions. Knowledge and experience with technology solutions is required to achieve this. We are happy to provide it. Would you like to learn about digital marketing Quexcel Marketing Services can design for you? Book your introductory meeting today.

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