Digital Transformation is a term we see everywhere these days. It is an umbrella concept open to many interpretations. It is up to you, as a provider of digital technology, to determine the best way forward.


Your customers increasingly perform their work digitally, or want to move in that direction. Your customers’ employees more often work from mobile devices, and want instant access to the important information they need. And no wonder, because it helps them perform their jobs better, faster, and more comfortably.


Your customers’ decision-makers also increasingly work digitally. Success stories, but also stories of failed technology companies, are abundant on social media. Countless blogs and digital information from manufacturers is available online. No wonder your potential customer will turn to the internet for help in deciding on technology. Research by Gartner from 2015 indicates that at the time, 75% of decision-makers for business acquisitions had already decided on a technology solution before reaching out to potential suppliers.


This is Digital Transformation. It is no longer the purchasers, but rather business men and women who are the decision-makers. It means that decision making and purchasing is taking place in new ways. Digital channels are more likely involved. As a result, your brand and solution must be available to present relevant digital information at every step along the decision-making trajectory. You must assist your potential customer in finding the best direction and decisions. In other words, it is time to throw traditional marketing into the trashcan and embrace modern marketing. Welcome to the world of digital transformation, and welcome to Quexcel Marketing Services. Click here to make an appointment.

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