Selling the impossible

Let’s say your girlfriend owns a 21 year old car with over 141,000 miles experience. Let’s say your girlfriend wants to sell that car for a ‘reasonable’ price. Impossible, isn’t it? But you are the guy who makes great commercials and are able to sell the impossible. Fairy tale? Not at all, take a look at the commercial and realize recent auction bids are over $ 20,000 ….

Thanks to #SLAM for pointing us to the video!

Your solution
You as a technology company does not sell the impossible. You develop, produce and sell very cool, techy and desirable solutions. But still, you will have to promote your product or solution. Or at least get your target audience interested in what you have to offer. Than just remember, a brilliant commercial can make all the difference.

The next step
Do you want some creative help from people who understand technology to be able to sell more? Reach out to the technology marketing specialists of Quexcel. Just saying ….

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