Marketing basics: Vitamin A

This morning, my car needed regular service and I took the time waiting to do some work. Most dealer service stations offer free WiFi, coffee and a place to work. I was surprised with the announcement that my car was ready, over half an hour early of schedule. Yes, I managed to get the second cup of coffee, so happy with that.
quexcel marketing vitamin AThe real surprise came when I got to my car. Freshly washed. Excellent service. But even more, in the car I found a bottle of ‘English flag branded water’, a box of mints and a postcard encouraging me to fill in the – by e-mail to be received – survey.

Customer care or marketing?
Some may call this ‘customer care’. Some may call it ‘after service’. I would like to call it marketing basics. Because marketing and communications is not only about attracting new customers. Retention of your current customers is the start of your successful marketing. Because happy customers will tell the story (like I do right now). Even more important, not happy customers are likely to tell a negative story ten times more than happy customers telling a positive story. Keeping your customers happy, not only with excellent service but also with Vitamin A (Attention) will serve your brand. Serving your brand in attracting net new customers. And attracting new customers is part of marketing. So here we are; Vitamin A is actually marketing basics and with that the responsibility of both the customer care and marketing manager. Food for thought …. Might you feel the need for a brainstorm about this topic? Please do contact us!

Peter van Uden, September 5th 2017

My compliments go to Van Mossel Jaguar Land Rover in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

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