Forget Why and What, embrace the How

For years we all believed TED Talk phenomenon Simon Sinek with his ‘Start with the Why’. True, for years it was the best thing to do. But today? Not anymore. And here is ‘Why’.

When new technologies, products or services are introduced a lot of people ask themselves: ‘why should I?’ All has to do with them not knowing (exactly) what it is they are facing. For many years those people needed other people, like sales persons, to explain ‘why’ they needed to adopt the new technology, product or service.

Finding the why
Today we live in the full digital era, the true fourth industrial revolution. Data is all around us. Any time, any place, anywhere. Today, when a new technology, product or service is introduced, people still ask themselves: ‘Why?’. But today they do not need other people to tell them why. Today these wondering people take a deep dive into the internet of everything. Within matter of seconds they will find the information they are looking for. What benefits the service offers, what is included and what not, customer use cases and even crystal clear purchasing information. Hack, today simple buy online. So why customers want to buy, they will figure out, by themselves, very quickly.

But how?
As soon as customers buy, or subscribe to, a solution starts the how. ‘How on earth am I going to implement, adopt, make use, optimize and many more things.’ When you search the internet for practical guidelines on how something can be done, you will find dozens of examples. But none of them is tailor made for a specific customer solution. So here is the ‘why’ for you. Focus on the ‘how’ for your customer. Help them with digital sources like whitepapers, webinars, infographics and other marketing stuff. Help them discover how to use the technology in a way that it will bring them the promised benefits. And … when the customer didn’t actually purchased, they will – for sure – do so from you.
We do not have to explain the ‘why’ for your ‘how’ (if you doubt that, please go back to the top of this article), but we for sure love to help you with your ‘how’ part. Please do contact one of our technology marketing experts to assist you.

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