Does privacy concerns slow down digital transformation?

Lots of businesses, institutions and even governmental bodies are thinking ‘digital transformation’. Without the term off course. They think enabling a more productive mobile workforce. They think gathering and crunching data to make better decisions. They think connecting sensors over the internet (Internet of Things) to be able to reduce maintenance costs. And … they think: ‘how about privacy of our customers?’

Avoid the conversation?
With the new EU General Data Protection Regulation taking effect May 2018 organizations are more aware of data leakage and cybersecurity risks. These organizations hesitate to move fast forward with their digitization due to the risks. As a technology solution provider, what should you do? Avoid the conversation? Stay on the traditional on premise solutions and telling your customers that’s the best way to move forward? Or are you here to help?

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Start talking
Avoiding conversations isn’t going to help your business grow. Period. Your customers do want to move forward and do have the privacy concerns. Your business is here to help. But how? We provide you with helpful tips which will get you and your business moving towards more success.

Tip 1: think
For starters, you will have to figure out a proposition which will help your customers enable the mobile workforce, the collection of data or reduce maintenance costs by using ‘the internet’. Your proposition is not providing a technology driven solution like ‘use Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security’ or ‘Azure IoT Suite is the most secure solution.’ Your proposition should seamlessly interact with the concerns of your customers regarding privacy. It is your intellectual property or managed service combined with technology which will built a proposition which resonates with your customers.

Tip 2: content
Once you have your proposition, you should start talking the modern talk. There are various decision makers in the modern buying cycle, each with different perspectives. It is no long the purchase manager who makes the decisions. Various business managers, engineers, financial guys and the actual people who are going to work with your solution have something to say. The best way to move forward is to make content that resonates with these various stakeholders for each and every stage of the modern buying cycle. We know, it is a lot of work, but the correct content is a base for further success.

Tip 3: marketing automation
Once the content is ready you can start publishing. It is very easy to publish the content to your website and social media. Better is to do some research before and find out when and where your stakeholders consume information. Use this information to set up your marketing automation. In this way you are not just sending, you will receive usable information as well. In that way you will be able to nurture leads all the way through the buying cycle.

So, will implementing the suggested tips be a guarantee for success? No, it is not. There is a lot more to it, but this short blogpost would end up into a book when we would write down all necessary steps. But it will give you a head start over the competition. Most important, your customers will see and feel that your company is the one to talk to. Just because you address their concerns, are ready to listen, provide a solution and help your customers move forward with digital transformation instead of letting them slow down due to privacy concerns. Get started today. Our digital transformation specialist can help you move forward in helping your customers move fast forward.

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