Davidii Communicatie now Quexcel Marketing Services

The 12 year old Dutch marketing and communications agency Davidii Communicatie has its successor in Quexcel Marketing Services and there is a good reason. Peter van Uden, founder and owner of the company: ‘We have always been helping businesses and other organizations with their B2B communication and marketing. The last couple of years we have been specializing in technology and IT companies. Since we also have a company Quexcel Software Asset Management, focused on software licensing and asset management, bringing both brands together is a logical next step.’

Digital Transformation
The fourth industrial revolution has started. After steam, electricity and automation, these days the broadband connection to the enormous capacity of data storage, compute and applications on the internet brings us Digital Transformation. Big Data, the Internet of Things, mixed and virtual reality and many more innovation brings huge opportunities to businesses, institutions and governmental bodies. Peter van Uden continues: ‘Businesses worldwide have great potential for growth when embracing digital technology. Let me give an example. A healthcare institution implementing tablets and smartphones to their care or cure employees will give them the opportunity to see, use and alter patient or client information. Digitally, direct at the bedside. By being more productive and saving time these professionals have more time to spent on care for the patient itself. Isn’t that just great?’

Enable growth
IT companies have to help organizations to implement and embrace digital technology to achieve what is written above. ‘But at the same time a lot of IT companies struggle on how to do so’, Peter van Uden continues. ‘A great part of those companies have their roots in the IT Infrastructure business. They are not used to ‘talk business’. They don’t know how to start a conversation and don’t know the business decision makers to talk to. This is where Quexcel Marketing Services comes in place. We help IT and other technology companies to get started with their digital transformation and digital marketing.’
As Peter likes to say, when a potential customer can’t find you digitally with tailor made communications which helps them at any stage of the modern customer buying cycle, you will not be in business within a few years any more. Quexcel Marketing Services is there to help not only to prevent that, but to help IT and technology companies grow. The combined experience and deep understanding in both IT and marketing within Quexcel Software Asset Management and Quexcel Marketing Services is the customers guarantee to success.

Are you working at a technology company and do you want to grab the chances Digital Transformation offers? Please do contact us.

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