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We live in a digital world. Research shows that in 2025 over 70% of all organizations employees will be millennials. Millennials are the people born after 1982 and grew up with the internet at their fingertips. Knowing this, retaining your traditional marketing strategy, developed a few years back, is equivalent to running out of business. We all need to move forward, but how?

Quexcel Digital Marketing is developed with modern, digitized people in mind. It isn’t the digital version of traditional marketing, it is another way of marketing and all starts with research. Who are your customers? Who are buyers, stakeholders and advocates? What are their roles in the modern buying cycle. What solution do you want bought and how do we make sure that each and every person absorbs the right message, through the right channel at the right time?

Despite the fact that Digital Marketing is highly digitized, there is still a human touch. In the end, it is humans who buy your solutions and services, not businesses. But, because only a couple of marketing employees at your IT business can’t serve the world 24/7, the backbone of Digital Marketing is marketing automation. Preferably with integrated artificial intelligence to be able to interact and communicate with your target audience. Science fiction? It was, just a couple of years ago. Today it is day-2-day practice to be able to survive tomorrow.

Your Digital Marketing needs content to be effective. We can help with that too. See our Content for Tech Services to find out more. Do you have the need for a digital marketing expert on your premises for a longer period of time? We offer qualified and experienced interim professionals to help you.

And please remember, all of our marketing services are very attractive to Microsoft Partners for a reason.

Do you need to be ready today to survive tomorrow? There is a need for digital marketing, but are you ready for change? Contact the digital marketing specialists at Quexcel and let’s get acquainted.

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