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Content is King. But … without an effective message, your marketing channels have no value. Content ensures that your customers’ decision-makers and influencers take action and move in the direction you want them to go. But what content do you need? How will you accomplish this and make sure content keeps being created? This is where you need the help of an experienced IT marketing specialist. You need Quexcel Marketing Services.

You can use the Quexcel Content for Tech services for a one time project, but also on a subscription base for regular content creation.

When creating content, it is important to make sure the message is, and remains, consistent. It is recommended to set up a strategy in advance and make sure that all content has been evaluated before it is published. Monitoring online content, web care and evaluating response from the audience is also part of content creation and offered as a service.

Content is extremely important for your digital marketing approach, and therefore not a task left for someone to do on the side. Talk with the experienced IT marketeers at Quexcel Marketing Services. Together we will determine how to turn your content into a success story.

Content is important for your Digital Marketing. Go to our Digital Marketing services to learn more. Because at Quexcel we maintain a deep and long lasting strategic relationship with Microsoft our Content for Tech services fit like a tailor made suit to Microsoft Partners.

These are just a few of the services that will help you achieve results:

  • Set up a content strategy that is aligned with your marketing strategies and propositions
  • Create content (written, image, infographic, video, webcasting)
  • Periodic publication of content on your marketing channels (web, social media, blog)
  • Write reference stories
  • Write blog posts and news items
  • Ghostwrite in name of your specialists
  • Write white papers
  • Web text creation

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