Phone calls through Microsoft Teams now available for SMBs

Microsoft Teams is the central hub for collaboration amongst teams, with business chat, collaboration in documents and video conferencing. With Microsoft 365 Business Voice Microsoft has added the ability for SMBs to connect landlines and cell phone infrastructures to Microsoft Teams, making it even more complete.

All in one solution
For team members it can be unpleasant to have multiple ways of communication spread amongst various devices. A desk phone with a local number, your cell phone with another phone number and your Teams or IM Chat ID (mostly your e-mail address). What to use when and how best to communicate?
With Microsoft 365 Business Voice team members have the ability to go for the all-in-one solution: Microsoft Teams as the central hub for all communications, making life just a bit easier for only USD 12 per user per month (without calling plan).

Telco providers
There is a wide range of telecom providers, both global and local, who support Microsoft 365 Business Voice. But before subscribing to the service, best ask your telecom provider is their infrastructure is Microsoft 365 Business Voice ready.

Calling plan
With an optional calling plan you will use Microsoft as your telecom provider, but this is – for now – only available in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Other countries will follow at the end of 2020.

More information
Connecting a cloud communications system to a traditional communications infrastructure can be complex. Be sure to be well informed before you start a subscription, or ask a specialist company to assist you. More information can be found here:

What is Microsoft Business Voice?
Microsoft 365 Business Voice Service Description
Country and region availability
Phone System Direct Routing (when not using a calling plan)

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