Operational changes Quexcel and Didactive

The takeover of all Didactive activities has an effect on some Quexcel operations and our communications. We like to update you on those changes.

The Quexcel newsletter will continue to exist, but the content will change. This newsletter will continue with interesting news on the Microsoft cloud, Software Asset Management, Software Security, digital innovation and more. All Microsoft licensing related matters will be covered in the Didactive Licensing Update. For certain groups this Licensing Update is free of charge, for other groups we ask a small yearly fee. Do you want to stay up to date with Microsoft licensing? Subscribe to the Licensing Update here.

Microsoft Licensing Training
All Quexcel training sessions on Microsoft licensing and the Microsoft Cloud will be moved to the Didactive brand. We will keep the training section at our website solely for information and direct IT Partners and end users to for the training sessions overview and registration.
Quexcel is your partner for our Quexcel Managed Software Asset Management, consulting and digital transformation services. Didactive Education is your partner for all Microsoft licensing training and licensing updates.

Might you have any questions regarding the takeover, operations, communications or other topics, please reach out to one of our team members.

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