Now available: resource account type in Quexcel Managed SAM Service

Software Asset Management is all about control over your environment, knowing what you have deployed and licensing what you use, software and cloud. Since that is important in saving money and mitigating legal risks, detailing assets is essential. When more and more ‘resources’ become available as independent IT accounts it is our pleasure to announce that within the Quexcel Managed Software Asset Management Service we now offer ‘resource account types’.

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Account types
Within organizations there are many account types. Employees, contractors, test-accounts, service accounts and so on. We all know these. But what type of account will you use for a courtesy company car which has its own agenda for reservations? Or your Common Area Communications Device you use with Microsoft Teams Rooms in a meeting room? That device does have a Teams account and an agenda. When you think about it, you might discover some accounts within your IT environment which are ‘resources’ and which you might want to label as such.

Saving money
Classification of accounts is important when it comes to Microsoft Agreements with a commitment. Such as an Open Value Agreement or an Enterprise Agreement with an Enterprise Enrollment which do come with mandatory standardization. When you choose to have the Core Client Access License as one of the products to standardize on, you license all users or all devices. When you choose users, you might read your Active Directory for ‘user accounts’ and make your calculation. When you cannot differentiate users (those are real people who are breathing) from ‘users’ (who are test accounts, service accounts or these resources), you are over-licensing and overpaying.

Quexcel Managed SAM Service
Quexcel offers a Managed Software Asset Management Service for end-customers and IT companies (to help their customers). New is the ‘Resource’ account type within the ‘User Account Type’ section of the portal view. Customers with an Advanced or Premiums subscription are now able to use this new account type for their resources, getting a better grip on their IT environment with Software Asset Management and saving money in the end.

software asset management account type classification

More information or trial
When you want more information about our Managed Software Asset Management service or want to try the service, please do contact us.

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