End of support Office 2013 Client Cloud Connectivity

At October 13, 2020 Microsoft will end it’s support for Office 2013 clients’ connections to commercial Office 365 services. This means that when you are using Outlook 2013 in conjunction with Exchange Online, Microsoft will no longer support your configuration.

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Legacy clients
As Microsoft stated, they will not take any active measures to block older Office clients, such as Office 2013 and Office 2010, from connecting to Office 365 services. However, legacy clients attempting to connect to a modern, always up-to-date cloud service may experience performance and reliability issues. The recommended upgrade path is to Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise or Microsoft 365 Apps for Business. When customers are not ready for cloud based Office application services, perpetual Office 2019 and Office 2016 will be supported until October 2023.

Various services
When looking at the end of support, besides the Outlook – Exchange Online example there are more services which might be affected. Such as SharePoint online with Excel and/or Word, OneDrive for Business storage of Office 2013 documents or Skype for Business Online in combination with Skype client.
Good to know, the base support for Office 2013 with Service Pack 1 installed ended April 2018 and the extended support will end April 11, 2023.

Does it touch you?
Are you still using Office 2013 or older clients (applications) within your business? Are you using Office 365 or similar cloud services? Not sure how this change, or any other roadmap changes will touch your IT environment? Please contact us for practical assistance.

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