Even the slightest mistake in software licensing can have big financial and organizational consequences when you are in a software vendor audit. Worst case scenario, the BSA (Business Software Alliance) shows up at your reception desk.
You can prevent such an unexpected examination by taking action now. With SAM in a BOX (Software Asset Management) you will get insight, overview and control of your software and licenses. A complete inventory, a correct filled license database, consulting and a written compliant statement will give you peace of mind and will reduce any financial dangers.
Choose for the Power of Knowledge; Quexcel is one of few companies who are fully authorized by main software publishers, such as Microsoft, to conduct pre-audit scans and consulting. Besides that, Quexcel maintains intense contacts with Microsoft at a strategic level, both in local subsidiaries and at Microsoft headquarters, Redmond, WA, USA. By doing so we are able – might there be an incompliancy – to get you to a compliant status in a smooth way.

Sensible software usage
SAM in a BOX QuexcelWith SAM in a BOX you know at instant what you are up to. It will give you certainty and peace of mind. Due to the insights in the use of software within your organization you will not only reduce your financial risk, but there is good chance that by applying more efficiency in your software use and licensing you will be able to save costs!

For what organizations?
When your organization has at least 35 employees or automated workplaces and you want to minimize the financial and organizational risk of wrong software use, than you are ready for SAM in a BOX by Quexcel.

What is SAM in a BOX?

  • Suitable for SMBs, not-for-profits, healthcare, governmental bodies
  • Intake with explanation of software, licensing, legal facts, SAM, project definition and dispense of tasks
  • Complete inventory of your installed base (Microsoft, other software publishers optional)
  • Complete investigation of your license entitlements, contracts
  • Reconciliation
  • Set up and fill a correct license database
  • SAM Report and consultative conversation
  • Written Compliant Statement when (or as soon as) you are compliant
  • Yearly maintenance or continuous service

SAM in a BOX Quexcel licensing contract researchSAM in a BOX is based on the international standard for Software Asset Management ISO IEC 19770 where we exclude those parts which are less suitable or applicable for small and midsize organizations. In this way you will get a practical, compact and affordable SAM project, all included.
With SAM in a BOX by Quexcel you will prevent legal and financial consequences, fines and any damage to your reputation.

Your total investment in SAM in a BOX depends on the size of your organization and how many software publishers you want to include. Regardless the cost, your investment will be absolutely less than the damage you will prevent. You can get SAM in a BOX as less as € 20 per seat and yearly maintenance starts at € 5,50 per seat.
(all prices mentioned are excluding applicable taxes and travel expenses). Do you prefer ‘SAM in a BOX as a Service’, prices start as low as € 2,50 per device per month with continuous service and consultancy.

Choose certainty. Choose SAM in a BOX by QuexcelSAM in a BOX Quexcel helping hand software licenses

• Practical, complete and short SAM project
• By means of strategic contacts with Microsoft, Quexcel can help you getting compliant in a smooth and cost effective way
• We are truly independent, your information will not end up at the software publishers

What is the value of the Written Compliant Statement?

• Quexcel is a certified Microsoft Gold Software Asset Management competency partner and all our consultants are certified
• The internal value for your financial reports or for your accountant (good governance)
• External value for software publishers reviewing your organization, they will recognize that you handle software and software asset management wisely. This will lead to a more smooth review or audit.

Quexcel SAM in a BOX written compliant statementDo you want peace of mind? Do you want to be sure that your organization handles software and licenses in a sensible and correct way? Avoid any financial and organizational risk? If this is the case, you are ready for SAM in a BOX by Quexcel. Contact us for discussing your SAM in a BOX project or SAM in a BOX as Managed Service.



Do you want to know more? Download our SAM in a BOX brochure:

SAM in a BOX Intl

SAM in a BOX is an original Quexcel concept (protected by copyright law and filed at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property under number 072525). To be able to provide SAM in a BOX at a global scale we have an interesting partner network with lots of opportunities. Quexcel SAM in a BOX for IT companiesAre you ready to provide SAM in a BOX to your customers? Please contact us for discussing the possibilities.

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